Spectacular Fall Photos

(But not of foliage)

Photographers and fall lovers tend to focus on foliage. However, if you can slow down, get down, and look carefully, there’s so much more to see during these months. The following photographs were shot during the last two weeks, all within twenty miles of our home outside Boston, MA. Enjoy!

Next two images: Queen Anne’s Lace and Milkweed, followed by Borage.

Above five images: Dill. (If you look carefully, you can see the tiny aphids that the ladybug is eating.) Next four: Dahlias, which have been stunning this year.

All of the photographs were shot with my Canon DSLR 7D, Mark II and my 100 mm macro lens or my iPhone. You can find more of my photos (and my writing) on my website: DorothyGreco.Com. Photos may not be downloaded or reused with permission.

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